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‘The New World' Lee Jung Jae talks about difficulties he had to overcome
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Lee Jung Jae talked about the difficulties that he had while shooting movie 'The New World'.

On January 16th, press conference of movie 'The New World' was held at CGV Apgujeong branch, and Choi Min Shik, Lee Jung Jae, Hwang Jung Min, and director Park Hoon Jung attended.

During the conference, Lee Jung Jae told, "Lee Ja Sung did not show much of physical movements, and I had to express a lot of psychological aspects, which was a very hard thing to do. It was one of the hardest movies that I ever did."

He continued, "I quit smoking long time ago, but I started it again while casting as Lee Ja Sung. However, I quit it again now."

He also said about Hwang Jung Min, "I saw Hwang Jung Min's script at the first reading, and it looked horrible. He just does endless preparations. Even when shooting, he is just overflowing with ideas, and many scenes turned out even better because of his ideas."

Lee Jung Jae also told that he saw potential as a director in Hwang Jung Min after watching musical 'Assassin'.

On the other hand, movie 'The New World' will be released on January 21st.

‘The New World' Lee Jung Jae talks about difficulties he had to overcome

/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji

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