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Song Hye Gyo shows a beautiful look in wedding dress
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Song Hye Gyo showed a beautiful look in a wedding dress.

On March 21st, SBS drama 'Wind Blows In Winter' showed Oh Young(Song Hye Gyo) taking a photo with Secretary Wang(Bae Jong Ok), wearing a wedding dress.

During the episode, Oh Young heard Secretary Wang telling Oh Soo(Cho In Sung) that she made Oh Young to lose her eyesight, and asked her to come when she sees wedding dresses.

She wore wedding dresses that Secretary Wang chose for her, and asked one of the workers to take a photo of her with Secretary Wang.

However, Oh Young was intending to fire Secretary Wang, and said, "When I get my eyesight back after surgery, I won't need any of your help. Prepare elsewhere to go."

Many viewers were largely satisfied by Oh Young's words, and also highly complimented for Song Hye Gyo's beautiful look in wedding dress.

Song Hye Gyo shows a beautiful look in wedding dress

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo

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