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‘Montage' Um Jung Hwa talks about why she chose the movie
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Um Jung Hwa, Kim Sang Kyung, and Song Young Chang of film 'Montage' revealed why they decided to cast in the movie.

Um Jung Hwa, Kim Sang Kyung, and Song Young Chang, who casted in a great number of hit movies finally met up. They recently casted in movie 'Montage', which will be released on May 16th.

Film 'Montage' is a movie about three victims who lost daughter, grand daughter, and life because of similar crimes.

Um Jung Hwa, who is undoubtedly one of the highest actresses of Korea, will be casting as a mother who lost her daughter 15 years ago.

The reason why Um Jung Hwa decided to cast in 'Montage' is because of the great and unique plot development. Um Jung Hwa said, "I've casted in a number of other thriller movies, and I also casted as a mother. However, 'Montage' was different. I could feel an emotional rush after a suspenseful plot development, and I hope to watch the movie with my family members."

She continued, "I thought everyone would like 'Montage'. This is the best movie of my career yet," showing a great amount of confidence in the movie.

Kim Sang Kyung, who also casted in a great number of hit movies, will be casting as a detective who investigates about a case from 15 years ago.

Kim Sang Kyung said, "Cheong Ho in 'Montage' is a very unique character. I could feel something that I could not feel in other movies."

Lastly, Song Young Chang, who has been active as an actor for 24 years, is one of the best veteran actors who casted in a great number of hit movies as well.

He said, "I had a great trust in director Jung Geun Seop and the scenario. I could not believe the scenario was written by such a young director. My trust in him grew even larger while shooting."

Song Young Chang casted in 'Montage' as a grandfather who lost his grand daughter, and it is said that he even had an action scene.

On the other hand, 'Montage' is currently being talked about as one of the most anticipated movie of May.

‘Montage' Um Jung Hwa talks about why she chose the movie

/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji

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