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Ryu Si Won accused his ex-wife for perjury.

On November 5th, Seoul Gangnam Police Department told that Ryu Si Won submitted filed the accusation on November 4th.

According to a press' report, Ryu Si Won submitted evidences of his ex-wife's false witnesses. Consequences of perjury can be either under 5 years of imprisonment or less than 10 million KRW of fine.

Ryu Si Won was sentenced to 7 million KRW of fine for threatening, physical harassment, and location tracing. Directly after the trial, Ryu Si Won said, "I was sentenced to fines, but I will keep fighting, because I know I am innocent."

Meanwhile, Ryu Si Won got divorced in October, 2010, and got a daughter in January, 2011. However, his wife submitted divorce files in March, 2012.

Ryu Si Won accuses his ex-wife for perjury

/Reporting by Oh jin ju

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