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Moon Chae Won to cast in director Kang Je Gyu's 'The Day Min Woo Comes'
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Moon Chae Won decided to casting in director Kang Je Gyu's short film, 'The Day Min Woo Comes'.

On December 19th, Moon's management agency told that she decided to cast in director Kang Je Gyu's new short film, 'The Day That Min Woo Comes'.

'The Day That Min Woo Comes' is a part of a project that Hong Kong International Film Festival sponsors, and director Kang Je Gyu is one of the 4 Asian film directors who are participating in the project.

The film will show a story of a woman who have lived 60 years, yearning to meet her family in North Korea.

Moon Chae Won will cast in the film as 'Yeon Hee', who waited 60 years to meet the one man she loves, and she will showcase the most heartfelt expressions.

Regarding why she decided to cast in the film, Moon said, "First of all, I was attracted by the fact that the film will be directed by none other than Kang Je Gyu. I have many special memories about his films, and I had a great trust in him."

Director Kang said, "Viewers will see how 'Yeon Hee' turns from a lively and charming girl to a lady who just tolerates through endless longing, and Moon Chae Won is the perfect actress for the part."

Meanwhile, the first shooting of 'The Day Min Woo Comes' will take place in January, and it will be presented during Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Moon Chae Won to cast in director Kang Je Gyu's 'The Day Min Woo Comes'

/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji

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