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'Healing Camp' Lee Sun Gyun talks about stresses he gets from raising children
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Lee Sun Gyun talked about advices that Jang Dong Gun gave him for raising his children.

On May 19th, actor Lee Sun Gyun appeared on SBS 'Healing Camp'.

During the show, Lee Sun Gyun talked about stresses that he is getting from his job and raising children.

Lee Sun Gyun said, "Jang Dong Gun once gave me a good advice. I was looking after my kids, and one of my close friend gave me a text message."

Lee Sun Gyun went on, "He told me that Jang Dong Gun wanted to meet me, and I asked whether Jang Dong Gun is also going through difficult time while looking after his son."

Lee Sun Gyun told that he received a reply a few moments later, and that Jang Dong Gun sent it himself. Lee Sun Gyun said, "Jang Dong Gun wrote, 'Jang Dong Gun lives like that, too.'"

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Gyun drew attention by talking about his romance with Jeon Hye Jin.

'Healing Camp' Lee Sun Gyun talks about stresses he gets from raising children

/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo

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