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'Human Extinction Report' Bae Doona's unique costume
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Bae Doona's outfit in movie 'Human Extinction Report' is becoming a hot topic.

Director Kim Jiwoon and Lim Pilsung's new movie 'Human Extinction Report' is currently one of the hottest movies in movie theaters, and Bae Doona's outfit in the movie is becoming a hot issue among people.

Bae Doona appears as the grown up character of Jin Jihee, who spent 10 years in an underground dugout after a comet collision. In the movie, the match of her white skin tone, long black hair, and the costume of unique design is drawing people's attention.

'Human Extinction Report' was released on 11th, and it is currently one of the hottest movies of the season.

'Human Extinction Report' Bae Doona's unique costume

/Reporting by Son Jin-Ah

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