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'Korea' Ha Jiwon shows her tears in front of Korean people in Japan
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Ha Jiwon showed her tears in front of Korean people in Japan.

On 20th, a special premiere of movie 'Korea' was held at Chiba town center for Korean people living in Japan.

The premiere was held not only because the 1991 World Table Tennis Championship was held in Chiba, but also to thank the Korean people in Japan who cheered for Korea's victory.

The premiere was requested by a Korean living in Japan who heard about the movie, and approximately 1000 fans gathered for the premiere, and many Japanese press reporters attended as well.

Ha Jiwon showed her tears while talking on the stage, and said "I acted as 'Hyun Junghwa', and I feel like I'm feeling the glory of the past. I'm just overwhelmed by such a hot reaction of the audiences. I hope the movie will bring a great joy to the audiences here."

Other actors and actresses also showed their thanks, and the audiences made a large round of applause for them.

Move 'Korea' will be released on May 3rd.

'Korea' Ha Jiwon shows her tears in front of Korean people in Japan

/Reporting by Lim Ju-Hui

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